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Cleansing Your Central Heating System in Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Keep your central heating system functioning efficiently by cleaning and cleansing the pipework. At RS Boiler Services, in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, our engineers use the finest equipment to complete thorough central heating power flushing. With clean pipework, your central heating will warm your home more effectively and reduce your energy bills in the process. For up to six radiators, our power flushing is charged at £400 plus VAT, with each additional radiator involved incurring an extra charge of £25.

What Power Flushing Is

With daily use, all year around, everything has its limits. Central heating systems endure a lot of wear and tear and often experience a build-up of sludge, debris, magnetite. This places your boiler at an increased risk of a breakdown and can result in your heating system working inefficiently or failing completely.

Power flushing is the only effective option for removing almost all of this debris without replacing radiators or pipework altogether. A power flush machine has its own built-in pump, and when it is connected to your system, in place of the existing pump, a cleaning solution is circulated throughout the entire system. We aim to isolate radiators to ensure that all internal pipework is cleaned and that the radiators can run to their full potential. Additionally, power flushing will help your boiler to run more smoothly and efficiently. Generally, there's no need to remove radiators during this procedure as, most of the time, the machine is sited outside.

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